To get information, you may call the C/S Information Centre at 416 595-2882.  Please leave us a voice message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


You may also email us at

More Information

We have walls of brochures for you to take home with you on a variety of topics that changes all the time – community resources, WRAP groups and other support groups in Toronto, housing help, income support, going back to school, addictions programs, the list goes on.

We have a job postings board and community announcements board.

The Bulletin

Our newsletter, The Bulletin, is published twice a month and is free to receive. Click on the heading, The Bulletin to see back issues and decide if you'd like to get it on a regular basis. You can subscribe by calling us at 416 595-2882 or by emailing us at


Our funder, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care via the Toronto Central LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) would like us to collect certain demographics. When you subscribe, it would be very helpful for us to know your gender, age and what LHIN you live in. We can do the work if you tell us your postal code or major intersection, but if you are a private person, you can click on the link below, enter your postal code – no spaces – and it will tell you what LHIN you are in. For information junkies like us, you can then find out all kinds of cool stuff about the health care providers in your area, like waiting times for surgeries and lots of other stuff, but I digress. The LHIN tells us whether we are serving those in our own area or also those in other areas of the province.

Tax Clinic

We provide a year-round income tax clinic for low-income Consumer/Survivors with simple returns. We are a partner in the Canada Revenue Agency's Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) and as such, clients must meet their guidelines. Income should be under $30,000 for a single person and up from there if you are a larger family unit. They also have 5 criteria about your return being simple:

  1. No self-employment income or expenses,
  2. No rental income,
  3. No capital gains,
  4. No bankruptcy,
  5. No returns for the year a person was widowed.

During March and April, we do the current tax year only, but in the rest of the year, we go back as far as Canada Revenue will allow, which is ten years.  

If you don't have your income slips, call Canada Revenue's General Inquiry number at: 1 800 959-8281, and have them sent to you, or we can help you make that call.

The Tax Clinic is offered by appointment only, so give us a call 416 595-2882 and we will be happy to set up a time for you if you are a Consumer/Survivor.  Please note - The CRA's efile system is offline until the end of February 2018.  We will begin to accept calls for appointments in mid-February 2018.

We have the names of a few other clinics for people who are not Consumer/ Survivors as well.


Once a month, we hold a workshop on a topic of interest to the c/s/x community. We have covered housing rights, ODSP, retiring on a low income, becoming a Peer Support Worker, the Disability Tax Credit, and debt and financial management. We have shown the films So You're Going Crazy and Three Voices. Check out the current issue of The Bulletin to see what's up next.